Make Your Hallway More Welcoming with These Tricks

Make Your Hallway More Welcoming with These Tricks

First impressions matters most when welcoming guests into your home. Even if you’re house isn’t that new, as long as it looks welcoming on the entrance it gives a good first impression to people you bring into your home. It also works wonders when you’re selling a house. Making it look welcoming from the entrance gives your home an advantage of getting sold quickly than others that look just plain.

Every homeowner wants to create a beautiful home. Aside from decorating the main rooms, beautifying the entrance and the hallway also adds to the overall aesthetics of a home. For starters, here are some tricks on how to make your hallway more welcoming than it was before.

Add a Console Table

Whether your hallway is small or grand, one way to beautify it is to place a console table where you can add some personality into your space. You can display a lot of things on it – from photographs, tiny plants, a lovely art piece, and anything that speaks about your personality and interest. Of course, don’t forget a table lamp for beautiful ambient lighting at night.

Set a Feature Space

Adding a pop of colour into your hallway adds more life and beauty to it. If you have plenty of empty wall space in your hallway, one quick way to style it is to set a feature space. It works similarly to a feature wall but doesn’t need to be the entire wall. You can add a panelling feature in one area and paint it with a different colour to become the highlight of your hallway. Be creative in choosing colours and patterns to incorporate into the hallway.

Install a Hallway Rug

Hallway rugs are important not only as a decorative feature but it also keeps your home and hallway cleaner. The first few steps from the doorstep are full of dirt from your shoe, unless if you take it off before getting inside the house. Aside from a doormat, you can prevent this dirt from getting in your home by installing an entrance hall rug. Pick a colour or pattern that doesn’t show dirt that much such as darker hues for a more dramatic look.

Create a Sitting Area

If your hallway has a small corner, make the most of it by transforming it into a sitting area. A small comfy chair or bench will do. Add an area rug to add more comfort and a side table with some books makes your hallway more than just a space you simply pass through.

A sitting area is also useful in helping you put on your footwear comfortably rather than just balancing uncomfortably somewhere. it can also be a perfect quiet spot where you can relax your mind for a while and maybe enjoy a cup of coffee peacefully.

Decorating your hallway doesn’t need to be stressful. Try out these simple tips and see which one suits your style preference the most.

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