Amazing Technology Innovation in Sports

Amazing Technology Innovation in Sports

The world of competitive sports has seen a lot of revolutionary changes across the years. As history can tell from the most historic records that we had, human beings have been enamoured by the idea of competition, and as time progressed, we have developed the concept of spots where people would compete against each other for a prize or for prestige.

From then on, we can slowly track how we have evolved from simplistic sports competition to technology revolutionized gadgets we use today to make our performance in sports far better than the opposing team. Here are some of the best innovations in Sports that we can see today

Sensors in Karate Pads

Not long ago, karate competitions are scored by judges who has an almost 50% limited view and perception of the contacts made in the sport. But now we have sensors which is strategically placed in the protection gear where when it comes in contact in full impact with the other sensor then a score is electronically recorded. This gives more accuracy in core giving and takes the chances of cheating in game.

Electronic Caddies

In the past professional golfers hire people to carry their bags for them, this is quite okay but across time this has become somewhat considered old-fashioned although the people are paid for their service. Today professional golfers have remote control caddies with them in the field. No more people following them around, in this modern day of golfing, players have a remote control in which by a switch of a button the electronic caddie will then follow the player around the field, and because it is chargeable it is very eco-friendly.

Full Body Swimming Suits

In the world of swimming, a new swimming suit has been designed to efficiently make the swimmer perform with almost zero opposing force underwater because of the suits design and material. Although like any other breakthrough an innovation in technology, this one comes with a controversy revolving around it, but it will always be up to the institutions to create bylaws around these new trends.

Golf Glove Sensors

Another in the area of golf are the glove sensors. These technologically advance sensors are placed in the golfers’ gloves in which it records the data of the golfer’s swing, including the angle, speed and strength of the impact and momentum. This gives the player a micro detailed insight on how he plays the game and can make adjustments on practice based on the data recorded by the sensor.

Timing equipment in Ball Games

With the changes in the level of competitiveness in ball games one of the technological advancements in their field are the timing equipment in game and during practice. These equipment record data in time differences on ball speed in game, which means that sports analysts and can now track the accuracy of ball shots across the court or field and can predict the probability of a shot made by s specific player based on his statistics and data.

One thing that remains constant in all of these innovations is the competitive spirit of sportsmanship in each athlete.

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