4 reasons why your child is struggling with physics

4 reasons why your child is struggling with physics

The Singaporean education system is of high standard. That’s why our children grow up to the best representatives of science, as they always have been. It doesn’t matter what sort of a field that your child is to follow, there are some mandatory subjects that they shouldn’t meddle with if they don’t want to keep repeating.

But it’s these same subjects that will help them pursue their science careers the best way. But it is quite normal them to struggle in these subjects – especially physics. Are you curious on the reasons behind these so you can fix them? Read more to find out.

  • He/she is not good with numbers to begin with

Different people excel in different areas. For some, dealing with art can be a real nuisance, or even with drama & theatre or music and so on. But most of the time, almost every child struggle with numbers especiallyduring their primary and secondary education. Since this subject involves a lot of numbers and a lot of concepts that need to be converted to numerical aspects. Hence, you should give them that space to struggle on their own.

  • He/she doesn’t get the proper education that is actually needed

Let’s face it – not all children are capable of solely depending on the regular education that they deserve. On the flip side, this could be due to the ineffectiveness of the teaching methods that are used, or the child needing to be taught more. Since this is mandatory, the need of secondary level physics tuition singapore becomes absolutely necessary. If you expected the child to live up to the expectations and they failed to, since they do not have the right education, whose fault is it really?

  • He/she isn’t doing enough sums

You need to know your theories, and that’s a fact. But for a subject like physics, the skills comes with experience. So, the more sums you do, the higher would be the experience and hence the skill. But in school, the time is definitely limited. This is another reason why they should take tuition because during these classes, the children will definitely have more time to spare for the sums.

  • He/she is not properly guide for specific goals

The school can be a hectic place given the number of children and the curriculum for which the teachers are bound to. But in the reputed tuition institutes, especially for physics, the children will be taught to achieve objectives that are specified for them, while getting at their goals.

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